We are cooperating with experienced project leaders and architects with which we can offer you perfect service for implementation of idea design, implementation of Basic Design, Detailed Design and we also gain construction permissions for you. All you need to do is – tell us your wishes.

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Preparation of foundation slabs and basements

We also offer our customers preparation of the foundation slab and basement.

Due to the overload with the production of prefabricated houses, we no longer offer brick construction.

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Construction systems - Walls

In cooperation with designers and architects with many years of experience we can offer you an excellent service. We take over and manage the entire process from the building permit to moving in. All that is expected of you is to express your wishes.

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We are young and prospective company with a professional team that represents the heart and soul of Noah’s company.
Each individual has a great deal of experiences on different fields and we are well aware of the importance of good cooperation.
Our values are to respect ethnical principles and we believe in honesty, truthful communication, well-organized system. The key to success is mutual cooperation with our great team and costumers. We are trusted company, good payers and focused to achieve our goals.


Our mission is to achieve high quality in building prefabricated wooden houses. Our companies mission is to build nature-friendly, qualitative, long-term and reliable buildings based on professional manufacturers, qualitative and well-chosen materials. Our mission is to satisfy the costumers. Our team is energetic, well-organized and hard-working and will help you to build a beautiful home. We have plenty of ideas and options for development are eternal.


Our vision is to achieve a wider brand name recognition, since we have worked in the past as manufacturers. Slowly but on firm foundations we wish to represent ourselves as the best manufacturer and supplier. We wish to work in Slovenia as well as in other countries. We are fast in networking and in expanding our offer.

Noah’s goal is to be adaptable for costumers and to make modern trends affordable for anyone.

A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.

Grace Hopper