With its own team we build construction as you wish and we are well known as investor of turn-key houses.

We can take over all 5 construction phases as follows:

  1. Construction phase: preparation of the site, preparation of the construction site, anchoring of the building, excavation of the building pit, laying of foundations and foundation slabs
  2. Construction phase: continuation of the first phase, basement slab
  3. Construction phase: construction work (erection of walls, ceilings, etc.), erection of roof structures, roofing work
  4. Construction phase: partition walls, concrete floors, building insulation, interior and exterior plastering, installation of all necessary installations, all floor and wall coverings, locksmith work, staircase installation
  5. Construction phase; installation completed, painting, glass work, wall and floor installation 

For all questions please contact us on email or telephone.

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