Construction systems - Walls

Construction systems - Walls

In cooperation with designers and architects with many years of experience we can offer you an excellent service. We take over and manage the entire process from the building permit to moving in. All that is expected of you is to express your wishes.

The basic supply of the walls can be changed at the request of each individual. Different materials and insulation thicknesses can be selected. The price of the materials used is taken into account and the service of making a specially prepared wall is not charged separately.
See also wall types and price lists.
Noah houses can be selected in 3 different construction phases:

1. Building finished on the outside:

  • Production, delivery and installation of construction
  • Integrated joinery (windows, front doors, external shelves)
  • Covered building (all roofing work)
  • Exterior finished
  • Facade

2. Partial Turnkey:

  • Building finished on the outside +
  • Rough electrical and mechanical installation - sanitary, ventilation
  • Floor heating (for heating with hot water)
  • The heat pump (when heating with heat pump)
  • Floor heating with heat pump 
  • Floor screed
  • Interior shelves
  • Wall finishing 

3. Turnkey:

  • Parttial Turnkey +
  • Completion of electrical and mechanical installations
  • IR panels and water heaters for heating with IR panels
  • Floor covering (ceramic, parquet)
  • Stairs for multi-storey houses
  • Painting
  • Inner door
  • We can also prepare a foundation on our own initiative or basement slab